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Shopping For The Ideal Condo In 22305?

Photo of 6 Ashby St #D My name is Julie Nesbitt. I am a full-time, solid real estate agent. I work hard every day in and around 22305 in Alexandria.
Nesbitt Realty
Nesbitt Realty
6 Ashby St #D is a delightful condominium, but it's not for every buyer.
Nesbitt Realty
Nesbitt Realty
My goal as a Realtor is to help you settle your concerns, so that you can find the best condo for you. You have a lot of options in Alexandria even if you're only focusing on 22305.
Kim Nesbitt
Kim Nesbitt
What may be a benefit to you, could be a downside for another buyer. What are your preferences?
  1. How many bedrooms do you need? 6 Ashby St #D is a 2-bedroom condo.
  2. How important is it that you stay in 22305? Have you considered neighboring areas?
  3. How much space do you need? How much space do you want? The average sized home in Auburn Village is 835.
  4. Do you like masonry condos? Do you prefer brick or siding? What type of siding?
  5. Does the hot-water heater matter to you? Do you prefer gas or electric? The most common hot-water heater at Auburn Village is electric.

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