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Brian Hooks Of Alexandria Named To Time100 Next list

Brian Hooks wants to change the country – but not by himself. An Alexandria resident, Hooks was named one of Time Magazine’s next 100 most influential people in the world in February for his work as the chief executive officer of nonprofit Stand Together. The name of his organization is apt. Stand Together aims to address some of the country’s biggest challenges – everything from poverty to criminal justice reform – by collaborating with and providing resources to community-based organizations and entrepreneurs across the country.
Brian Hooks
According to, "Born in Detroit in 1978, Hooks moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan when he was about 4 years old. Although Hooks ended up moving to Washington D.C. after college, the city left a first and lasting impression on him during a school trip when he was only 14 years old. Walking through Union Station and hearing people speak in 10 different languages, Hooks was smitten with a city that was so different from Grand Rapids. “At that moment, I just had this feeling that this is where I want to be,” Hooks said." As per, "In talking about his recognition by Time, Hooks repeatedly turned the focus back toward his team and the organizations in the Stand Together network. Relentlessly humble, Hooks said he lives by a mantra coined by abolitionist Frederick Douglass: “I will unite with anyone to do right and with no one to do wrong.” That mantra has inspired Hooks time and again, he said. Despite the scale and immensity of the challenges Hooks is taking on, he said he never loses hope because he is confident there are others who are willing to stand with him."

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