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4th Annual Del Ray Candy Cane Bar Crawl Is Here

The Candy Cane Bar Crawl is a tradition in Del Ray that has planted its feet firmly on the holiday schedule from year to year along with Christmas tree lightings, boat parades, holiday parties, and card-mailing. Candy Cane Bar Crawl is scheduled this year for Saturday from 1 to 6 pm. Crawl committee member Lola Capps says, "Now in its fourth year, the crawl has grown exponentially from its humble beginnings. What started with a handful of about 50 participants has grown to an expected 500 this year founded largely on community support and neighborhood foundations – and strengthened by an all-volunteer cast. We’ve gone through and done it a couple of times, it always has a pretty good turnout; it’s grown every year." According to the Alexandria Gazette, "And with 15 restaurants onboard, participants will have no shortage of food and drink options as the afternoon ticks by. Everyone will start their day at either Lena’s Wood-fired Pizza or RT’s – the designated check-in points – and will then mosey their way through Del Ray, stopping off at the likes of Hops n Shine, St. Elmo’s and more. Along the way, their participant lanyards will earn bar-crawlers food and drink specials at each stop, Capps said. But the best part is the social aspect." As per Alexandria Gazette, "Participating restaurants include Rt's Restaurant, Hops N'Shine, Northside10, Cheesetique Del Ray, Catch on The Ave, Stomping Ground, Pork Barrel BBQ, Del Ray Pizzeria, St. Elmo's Coffee Pub, Evening Star Cafe, KAiZEN Tavern, Live Oak Restaurant, Charlie's On The Avenue, The Garden, and Lena's Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap. With one foot in a fun social outing and another in supporting nonprofit causes, the whole afternoon comes down to community, Capps says. And that’s what makes the bar crawl so special."

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