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“Despite Recent Sales Of Duplexes At Del Ray In Alexandria, Virginia, My Home Hasn't Sold!”

Photo of 325-A Ashby St Are you a homeowner with a home similar to 325-A Ashby St in the City of Alexandria that hasn't sold? Did you know that in Del Ray:
  • the average number of days on the market is 36.
  • the most expensive abode on the market is 105 E Oxford Ave.
  • the least expensive home on the market is 325-A Ashby St.
  • 325-A Ashby St is currently listed for $599,900.
If you have yet to find a buyer, it's important to take a step back and assess exactly why your property isn't selling. A few questions to ask your agent include:
  • Is your home listed on your local multiple listing service?
  • Is it time to think about changing representation?
  • Does the current market favor buyers or sellers?

Recently Sold At Del Ray

$1,675,000 at Del Ray SOLD!
$599,900 at Del Ray SOLD!
$899,000 at Del Ray SOLD!
$1,695,000 at Del Ray SOLD!
$559,000 at Del Ray SOLD!
Here are a few reasons properties similar to 325-A Ashby St in the City of Alexandria will sometimes have no buyers:
  • First Impression — Let's face it: a few residences are not attractive when you first gaze upon them.
  • Neighbors — Are your neighbors making it difficult to sell?
  • Unreasonable price — The toughest pill to swallow, but here and there this is the problem.
  • Odor — Most homes have an odor that the owner doesn't even know aware of.
These are problems we’ve seen before and challenges we know how to overcome. Are you considering selling your home in Del Ray? If so, it's appropriate to investigate what properties beside your home have recently sold for. Sold residences can give a duplex seller an idea what the seller's own home will fetch. Reach out to Nesbitt Realty to learn more about Nesbitt Realty's plan to market your residence. Nesbitt Realty is also happy to prepare a free and accurate estimate of your duplex's market value. If you’d prefer to work with a family-run business, contact Nesbitt Realty. No one knows more about the local real estate market than Nesbitt Realty.

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